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Added 12/30/18: I have been using "Freewebs" since 2005, but since then they've migrated most of their business to "webs." The "freewebs" URL is still good, but it's obsolete. When I attempt to use (and my site directs to "webs" & "Freewebs") a "webs" URL in my YouTube channel banner, the clowns at Google reject it as a valid URL. So, if you came here via Google/YouTube, use this URL as my homepage & all links for my site should begin with: Thanks & have a great day! does work as well

Here I will list all the social media I use, which isn't much. I am not on these like many of the social media vegetables as you have to read some to learn. Just spamming links & being online 24/7 doesn’t make one smart (but you may get a lot of attention).

Parler (UTubekookdetector) I believe Parler will be back at some point. I have closed my Amazon account. #DontShopAmazon

Gab (UTubekookdetector) This social media venue is becoming a giant, built its own infrastructure from the ground-up & is beholden to nobody but free speech. #stopthesteal references won't be removed. The Washington Post, Amazon, Jack Dorsey & the Progressive mob do not control Andrew Torba.

Rumble (UTubekookdetector) Due to the massive biases on Facebook & especially YouTube, this is where alternate material will be uploaded


YouTube (UTubekookdetector)


ChillSpot1 (formerly Upload Society, then Upload Stars) (UTubekookdetector)


Facebook (John Andrew) including my Facebook page exposing Old Fart Rants


That's all the social media I use at this time & I doubt I add any more, but if I do, it'll be listed here